Early approval for a project to create affordable housing for young families in Prague was given

To help young families and people in key professions, the city plans to develop new cooperative housing.

Affordable cooperative housing is moving forward, thanks to a city-funded project. The project has been given the green light by both the City Council of Prague and the City Assembly of Prague. buy house in qatar

In election platforms, STAN, TOP 09, and the Christian Democrats combine forces to support Prague's mayoral election (KDU-CSL). The city has instituted it as part of its program statement.

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It is planned to renew the cooperative housing tradition in Prague by making use of the resources of the city hall. The focus is on middle-income citizens, especially young families, who have been unable to afford housing in Prague because of exorbitant prices. Representatives of different occupations such as teachers, paramedics, firefighters, and police officers can be found in these groups.

Cooperative housing offers a number of benefits, according to City Hall. The primary benefit is that cooperatives are not intended to make a profit, which results in cooperatives building apartments for less than commercial developers because cooperatives do not have a financial interest in their projects. Residents only pay for the actual costs of building, administration, and operation for their cooperative apartment, not for the share of costs paid by all other residents.

They are also helped by the city, which means they do not have to pay for the land at the outset. There will be a public right for the cooperative housing to be located on the land for up to 99 years. This cooperative will be able to buy the land from the city once they have repaid the construction loan.

This measure will also grant the city the right to dispose of one-third of the flats in each project. Additionally, these homes will be able to be rented to those who are members of important professions but cannot afford to buy a home.

The cost of housing can be cut by as much as 30% thanks to the combination of a cooperative method of construction and assistance from the local government.

A city councilor who is the leader of a project's expert team, United Force for Prague, led a team of economists and lawyers in preparing an economic and legal analysis of the project. This publication began with a search for a construction partner and concluded with fair settlement rules once the building rights are terminated.

Although the Prague Assembly worked throughout the day, the benefits justified the efforts. Finally, we'll be constructing community cooperative flats, and we'll have the assistance of the capital to do it. Kordová Marvanová shared that after the project received approval, affordable cooperative housing was a priority for us because many city residents have trouble affording the current market rate for housing.

This nearly century-old tradition of city-sponsored cooperative housing offers numerous advantages, so it should be renewed. While taking out a mortgage frequently isn't an option, residents who are members of a cooperative can rest assured they won't lose their investment or fall into the debt trap since mortgages are not required to obtain these types of homes. According to cooperative resident Kordová Marvanová, paying the annuity then allows the individual to become the legal owner of the apartment.

Not being able to use flats as an investment also goes against the proposed model. For example, it is impossible to provide short-term housing solutions (i.e. short-term rentals).

The city can grant the right to develop on city land in order to increase the availability of this type of building. In Europe, the right of construction is commonly used to promote urban development. Kordová Marvanová said, "Citizens and the city have the opportunity to engage in a mutually beneficial relationship through the project."

Affordable cooperative housing that features cooperation between the city and residents is part of the city's housing strategy. To address the current shortfall for middle-income housing, the city is working to fulfill its role. Making housing in Prague more available would lower the cost of housing, too. A number of districts from around the city have shown interest in building in a cooperative fashion and are prepared to get started as soon as possible.

It is really a key issue for us that cooperative housing is affordable. I firmly believe that we are close to fulfilling our promise of housing support for the middle class, as the United Force chairman, Jirí Pospíšil, said in the campaign.

Not only is this subject more relevant today, but it's urgent too. Housing in Prague is getting more and more expensive for middle-income families, no matter how much they earn. … We'd like to offer our assistance to young families, especially those who provide services essential to the growth and development of the city, he continued.

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