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US Mars Exploration Drone Scientists in Iceland

An international team of scientists led by Christopher Hamilton from Iceland's Holuhraun lava field will use Iceland's "Mars exploration concept of next generation," reports SpaceRef. SpaceRef. NASA has granted the team a grant of USD 3.1 million, entitled RAVEN, for the project. qatar seal


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Overview of the market in Iceland

No secret, Iceland is a costly place to live. After the 2009 recession, domestic prices rose as the country became a world tourism destination and supply of housing was limited. But, in the last few years, prices began to cool as developers rushed to build new buildings in and around the capital reg…

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Empty luxury apartments dot the capital of Iceland as slowdowns

The economy cools quickly after the end of the tourism boom; the central bank governor is raising house bubble concerns

The spacious entrance to the Haraldsdottir building of Hildigunnur in downtown Reykjavik is paved with a Prague marble and decorated with a local artist's stained glass artwork.…

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The Winter Lockdown in Denmark has resulted in a reduction in the growth forecast for 2021!

The New Economy Daily will show you what's driving the global economy and what it means for policymakers, firms, investors, and you. Here is where you may sign up.

Denmark's economic growth estimate was slashed for the second time in five months after a lockdown to combat the spread of the virus …

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Planning for land use in Denmark!

Land use planning is carried out in Denmark at three levels:

The plans of the national state;
Municipal planning (structural plan); 

Plans for local development.

The Danish Planning Act and national state plans regulate national land use. The Planning Act was issued in 1991 by the Danish …

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What (if any) restrictions govern rent security deposits?

Only if both the landlord and the tenant agree must the tenant pay a deposit. A deposit does not earn interest (unless otherwise specified), and the landlord is not required to maintain the monies apart from their other assets. As a result of the deposits being paid, a landlord has a significant cas…

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Before buying property in the Czech Republic, 5 things to know!

Check, if you consider a mortgage, where you can get the best mortgage rates in the Czech Republic.

Once you have decided to establish your roots in the Czech Republic, it can be a natural step to buy a home. According to Tomáš Jedlička, senior advisor to Fincentrum financial consult…

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Prague is one of the 10 richest regions in Europe!

In accordance with new Eurostat data, Prague is the seventh richest region in the EU that ranks European regions per GDP per capita, a per capita measurement of goods and services produced in each region of the EU.  buy apartment qatar

According to Eurostat data, GDP per capita in Czech capital…

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Early approval for a project to create affordable housing for young families in Prague was given

To help young families and people in key professions, the city plans to develop new cooperative housing.

Affordable cooperative housing is moving forward, thanks to a city-funded project. The project has been given the green light by both the City Council of Prague and the City Assembly of Prague…

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Weekly House - 14 December 2018

This dreamlike 280-m2 villa has a unique style that perfectly fits the famous Torreta Florida area of Torrevieja, on the Costa Blanca. With its singular, luxurious and exclusive design, the property is fully renovated in the Mediterranean style, with first class finishings, which make this house a c…

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